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NSN Bridal x Diore Wedding

Liny - NSN brand manager / designer

Liny is an excellent young designer born in the 1980s in Shenzhen. She graduated from the Hong Kong Fashion Institute and has been engaged in the wedding dress industry for 15 years. She has won awards such as Excellent Designer of Guangdong Province and Top Ten Designers of Shenzhen. In addition, she achieved first place in the clothing design vocational skills competition at the 8th Shenzhen Workers’ Technical Innovation Games and was awarded the “May Day Labor Medal” and “Shenzhen Economic and Technological Innovation Talent” in the fashion design industry. Choosing a wedding dress design is just the first step for couples planning their wedding. In order to alleviate the complexity of preparing for a wedding, Liny invested millions in creating an outdoor succulent garden wedding center in Longhua New District in 2015. The succulent plants are plump and juicy, symbolizing a prosperous and happy marriage. The succulent garden provides comprehensive services from proposal to engagement and wedding planning, and has successfully organized weddings for hundreds of couples, receiving great love and praise from young couples. The concept of the succulent garden has also attracted attention and coverage from numerous media outlets.

About Us

The predecessor of Shenzhen Diore Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Diore Garden”) was Shenzhen Nasano Wedding Dress Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Chuangsi Fashion Co., Ltd. After nearly 20 years of communication and service with newlyweds, Diore Garden has continuously explored, developed, researched, innovated, and established the first outdoor wedding service center in Shenzhen with the theme of “succulent plants”. It provides outdoor weddings, event venues, banquet celebrations, and wedding dress rental customization all in one for tens of thousands of couples. Diore Garden was officially established in 2015 and has achieved rapid and high-quality development with its strategy of “ecological collaboration and harmonious development”, presenting original and fairy-tale-like weddings to the public, returning to the beauty and romance of weddings.

In 2019, Diore Garden met Tianlu Villa for the first time and believed it would be the “best partner” for its continuous development. Diore Garden is located in Yantian District’s East OCT Tianlu Villa. With a backdrop of open views, beautiful surroundings including sky, mountains, lake, sea, and an aerial garden (European-style villa lawn), it is adorned with over a thousand varieties of plump and colorful succulent plants. It has created more than ten personalized activity spaces for customized private banquets while also becoming an offline communication platform for young fashionistas. Currently, Diore Garden’s business covers outdoor weddings, corporate team building activities, customized private banquets, leisure vacations, etc. It has a wealth of professional event planning experience and provides comfortable, healthy, and cost-effective services.

Adhering to the exhibition concept of “environmental protection makes life better”, Diore Garden is committed to simplifying weddings by removing complexity and returning to the true nature of love. After coming to Tianlu Villa in East OCT, the owner of Diore Garden, Zeng Lini, innovatively combines ecology and sincerity between heaven and earth. She personally helped create hundreds of environmentally friendly and low-carbon outdoor weddings, leading a new trend in Shenzhen’s outdoor wedding industry, embracing a wonderful life!

Before that, Zeng Lini actively carried out the “Fragrant Love Care Action”, encouraging everyone to reuse flowers after weddings by making small bouquets and sending them to nursing homes and children’s welfare institutions. This initiative received positive industry feedback at that time. In 2015, Zeng Lini was awarded the “Shenzhen May 1st Labor Medal” by the Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions; in the same year, she was also awarded the title of “Shenzhen Economic and Technological Innovation Expert” by the Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. At the same time, Diore Garden’s innovative wedding concept earned it the “Pengcheng Xinli” Innovation Entrepreneurship Award from the Shenzhen Municipal Government.

It is Zeng Lini’s spirit of “creating love together” that has touched everyone who visits Diore Garden. Diore Garden advocates the spirit of “love for all families” and cares about the lives and career development of every employee. It creates a comfortable working environment by considering the garden as home and love as business. It pays attention to the personalized customization needs of each couple, striving to become an industry benchmark.

Today, “Diore Garden” located in Tianlu Villa in East OCT has developed into an outdoor wedding industry cluster with over ten single-family villas. It nurtures over a thousand varieties of succulent plants carefully cultivated by its team. It has hosted hundreds of splendid and unique outdoor weddings, becoming a highly sought-after star enterprise in the industry.

In the future, Diore Garden will continue to carry forward its spirit of “creating love together” and focus on healthy and low-carbon outdoor weddings. By combining with the European-style architectural complex in East OCT, it will present the “wedding scene” from fairy tales to the people of Shenzhen. It will actively integrate into Yantian District’s cultural development strategy, promote the transformation and upgrading of Shenzhen’s outdoor wedding industry, and contribute to the development of a beautiful life through practical actions.


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